About Me


Ekua Momoh

Thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Ekua ( 🙂 yeah Ghanaian). I’m married to a Sierra Leonean and in 2008 we moved from the UK to live in beloved Sierra Leone. For me it’s a return to Africa I so looked forward to.  Although, not quite like Ghana in terms of development, Sierra Leone has breath-taking scenery that stops me in my track every day! Some for the views are priceless.

There are advantages and disadvantages but I’m learning to enjoy every day life. I choose to see the glass half full rather than half empty. For me the pluses hugely overweigh the minuses. I believe Sierra Leone is up and coming. With a little change of attitude, this country could be a haven.

I write this blog mainly for Sierra Leoneans at home & abroad who may be contemplating coming home! Yes even in a time of Ebola Sierra Leone is not as bad as you might think but she needs the input of the honest Sierra Leoneans from Diaspora who will offer genuine help and not just come to fill their pockets!

Update January 2015

Although I have  been blogging for a number of years now, somewhere in 2013, I stopped for more than a year mainly because I was uninspired. I heard, witnessed, read in the papers, heard on the radio too many corruption stories. It seems that as the nation moves forward one step, there are people ready to take it back ten. Not only that, there were “Diasoporans” who had come and were milking the system too. In fact, I know of some who were jailed due to corruption. So what was the point blogging? Then the Ebola crisis hit and is still ongoing although the numbers have dropped significantly as of January 2015.

Blogging On End Times/ End Of The Age / End Of The World

In view of the current Ebola crisis and the various world crisises, I have decided to also blog about the End Times from a Biblical point of view. Please read my statement of faith here.

P.S. My blog is not a political blog. 😆 I’m not affiliated or associated with any political party. This is purely a catalogue of my personal experiences & perspectives and should be read in that light.