More Good News – Fibre Optics Landing In Freetown Today!

Wahoo! I’m so excited about this particular event! It’s been long in coming and boy! we’ve been thirsting for it! Anything for increased internet speed is welcome in all quarters! The formal commissioning of the fibre optic landing commissioning was held today at the submarine ACE landing station in Lumley. This will put in place […]

Potable Water In Port Loko, Sierra Leone

Progress is happening all over although I must say the rains have slowed things down, even the completion of Wilkinson Road has been halted. With the advent of September, hopefully the rain will dissipate and I hope to bring you more good news :lol:  of the development happening all over. For this story, the water […]

First Juice Manufacturing Company In Sierra Leone Launched

This happened sometime in May but it is still good news to share even now… – good things are happening in Sierra Leone… the early bird catches the worm…. simple but true.  Read on… Here’s The Article: The first juice manufacturing company in Sierra Leone was Thursday commissioned at the Newton community by President Ernest […]

Bumbuna Operational? Where’s The Light?

Hello again, I’ve been busy and mad! Mad with the lack of light that’s plaguing Freetown again. I remember last year this time when – we Freetownians – were all basking in the new found Bumbuna light and praising the government for doing the unprecedented. Children danced in the street – “Light don come” or […]

How Wilkinson Road Looks Now

The ongoing roadworks on Wilkinson Road in Freetown as well as the Lumley area is fast improving and I must say, I like the way CSE especially is undertaking the project. There’s no doubt they are doing quality work with some major overhauling and complete digging and resurfacing of the road. There’re no more roundabouts […]

Business Bomba Competition 2011 – The Grand Finale

I’ve been wanting to post this but I’ve had problems with getting my camera connected with my laptop (lost the lead 😆 ) hence the delay. Nevertheless Business Bomba Phase II 2010/2011 was concluded in a Grand Finale on the 23rd of April amid much pomp and fanfare at the Miatta Conference Center at the […]

Arik Air In Joint Venture Agreement To Launch Leone Airways

I came across this story and I’m very happy. The more the competition the better for all of us. Let’s hope they have direct flights to London to give BMI a run for their money… and passengers more options to choose from. Read the full story below… (article from Here’s The Story Travellers are […]