Grand Re-opening of Lagoonda!

Yep! Lagoonda re-opened last weekend amidst a lot of glitz and aplomb! I had to be there to see for myself:D I had heard so much of it but had never been there as it’s been closed since we’ve been here.

Sounds Of Music From A Live Band

I must say, everything was well laid-out and the cocktail was delicious with plenty of food to go round. The Minister of Tourism was there and gave his speech encouraging the entertainment industry.

The essential facts are, it’s taken over by a Chinese guy (I forget his name) and the bar, casino, restaurant are opened but not the Cinema which would have been of more interest to me.

Here are some pictures: Enjoy! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Grand Re-opening of Lagoonda!

    • Hey Guarav, Thanks fo visiting my blog. Lagoonda is in Aberdeen, past Lumley. It’s right by the water on the Penninsula, very nice location actually.

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