Watching Chelsea Win On The Beach

Fantastic day yesterday, we all went to Lumley Beach to watch football where a giant screen has been placed at Alafia point. Literally we sat on the beach and watched the proceedings with perhaps about 200 or so people.

Much to my frustration, the first half produced nothing and then well towards the end of the

2nd half…well I guess we are all acquainted to the drama that led to the brilliant Chelsea win! I think the whole of Freetown, more or less supported them it was difficult to find a supporter on the Bayern Munich side and when the deed was done, there was a big roar all around.

Apart from rain, the sure thing that clears the streets of Freetown is football. You’ve got to see it to believe it. Football is one of the main obsessions of the youth in Freetown. For a game like this many would have placed bets on the team they support.

Thus the passion to see one’s team win is also about the money. As soon as a game is over, young men pour out on the streets from all nooks and crannies and the traffic begins again.

Anyway we enjoyed this family night out. If you’re in Sierra Leone and wish to watch football relaxing on the beach, Alafia point is the place.



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