3 Reasons To Clean Up Freetown

In terms of sanitation things are better than a few years ago but there’s still a mighty long way to go. Several years ago, rubbish collection was more or less non-existent and I remember when there was a big pile of rubbish at Lumley roundabout and the taxi I was using got stuck

there with no way to roll the windows up except for  the driver to get down and physically pull the windows up!!!  Oh my,  I still laugh when I remember it. Thankfully that pile of rubbish has been cleared.

But really rubbish on the streets is no laughing matter. For the past 10 months or so, rubbish collection has been getting better, that is, until about 2 weeks ago. One only has to watch the news to see how Haiti is suffering with cholera. God forbid that in Sierra Leone,


So here are 3 reasons why Freetown needs cleaning up and stay clean:

#1. For Health

Rats, flies, maggots and other creepy crawlies not to mention the ones that we don’t see thrive in rubbish dumps. These creatures are agents of disease and help propagate epidemics, typhoid,  etc.

Gutters packed with garbage  etc should be cleaned. Now this happens but the WORST of the WORST is when these gutters are cleaned up and the dirt is left on the road!!! That should never happen! Gosh that is so wronnggg…… it’s better not to clean the gutter than to clean it and leave it on the road

#2 Beautification Of Freetown

These rubbish dumps have to be emptied everyday otherwise they become an eyesore. And that’s a bad national image to imprint on tourists / foreigners mind. Places like Spur Road, Wilberforce (near Zain now Airtel), Wilkinson Road, Lumley beach & countless others must remain clean ALL the time.

With these new road constructions I hope permanent bins will also be provided along the newly made roads so that they remain clean.  I guess, the populace need to be made aware on radio broadcasts and TV that throwing rubbish on the street is not in their interest.

#3. Cheaper In The Long Run

In the long run, a healthy populace means a lesser number of people especially children availing the free health care system, cutting down on government costs. And hopefully it will reduce the number of untimely deaths which sometimes are attributed to witchcraft but really mainly due to poor sanitation.

I’ve seen one or two modern rubbish collection vehicles but the rubbish dumping points are not suited to these vehicles so the rubbish is collected manually and painfully by people not wearing any protective clothing!!!

To end this, I just wish the  rubbish collectors will be better protected wearing the right gear such as gloves and high knee wellington boots,shovels etc. It’s so unhealthy for people collecting rubbish with their bare hands!

I expect a bright tomorrow….



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