A Picnic At Leicester Peak…

Now, talk about a trip to well…not quite heaven but something awesome! My hubby came up with the suggestion (he’s a romantic at heart 🙂 ) to picnic at the top of Freetown’s highest peak.

So we loaded up our goodies and headed for Leicester Peak. The children were truly excited and couldn’t keep calm. For anyone who lives in Freetown, the approach can be daunting and you always wonder how you’ll get there.

I’ve been at Leicester Peak several times before but never have I seen it like this:  the summit was literally covered in clouds. By the time we got to the top, visibility was down to only a few feet. It was an awesome experience and quite rightly my daughter commented on being able to touch the clouds! Needless to say, we enjoyed the super cool temperature (@ about 23 celsius ) plus the contents of our picnic basket having spread our blanket at the back of the car.

There were a few other tourists there who took endless pictures….

Once again, another highly recommended place to visit when in Freetown….:)



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