Celebrating 3 Years In Sierra Leone….

Approximately 3 years ago, yesterday, we arrived to live in Freetown on a permanent basis! 😆 WooowwwW! Sooo..oo much has happened since then, I’ve learnt a lot and overall, I’m VERY happy we came. We are all happy including the children and we look forward to a brighter future and a better Sierra Leone.

When we came, we arrived into a dark capital with only few lights dotted around on the hills, today light is available almost 24/7! Now, that’s something! And I’m brimming with hope and excitement.

I can’t wait to take my camera out and film the new Wilkinson Road and the new Lumley. I look forward to getting to No.2 within 30 minutes FLAT! Yes we have endured unnecessary frustrations like bumpy roads, general poor sanitation everywhere, lack of customer care, facilities and the list can go on.

BUT we’ve also chosen to enjoy the positive sides: I hardly lift a finger in the house anymore! Now that to me is the best of all. Don’t have to clean,drive,cook and all the mundane things I used to do when I was in England. Don’t have to hang my clothes inside to dry…Don’t think about the weather anymore. Perfect beaches and perfect weather beckons nearly 9 months of the year. As for stress, I’ve learned to live without it…I’m not perfect yet but I’m getting there..I’ve chosen not get allow anything to get me frustrated. This is something I’ve been practicing for many years… Quite frankly, being on this slow internet alone has been the greatest test of all…but hey Salone swit!

For people who were born here and went abroad perhaps in the ‘90’s Sierra Leone will certainly look run-down and terrible! (yeah I’ve heard some of the comments) I can only compare Sierra Leone to my first visit here which was 2005 but best of all 2008 when we settled permanently.

From that time to this things have improved but there’s still a VERY LONG way to go. War sets any country back roughly 20 years and with the apparent population increase in Freetown, things have been slow. Still, 10 years since the war and there’re no excuses.

For Sierra Leoneans in Diaspora who wish to come (and I know a few),there will always be reasons why not to but there are also plenty of reasons why you should too. Sierra Leone can only be built by Sierra Leoneans. Come and set up your business or get a strategic government job where you can effect changes and stem the tide of corruption. Will it be easy? Heck No! ….but with a little wisdom, hard work and endurance, you will benefit and so will the nation.The ball is in your court…



3 thoughts on “Celebrating 3 Years In Sierra Leone….

  1. Edenliving,nice to here positive views about Salone.This is a Ghanaian looking to move to Sierra leone to set up business this year.

  2. Well done on you mate. Proud (and really pleased)to read your comments – indeed, despite all the negatives, there are far more reasons to come back to Salone, than not to.
    Maybe see you in Freetown some day!


    Despite of all else, this ever-green little corner dotted on the West Coast of Africa,is a must see. We are on our baby steps, reinstate our little baby face to where we were ( Anthens of Africa).He,God can do it for us if and only if yhose above pity the down and under. One may not like the president,but your country,it should be inevitable. Those of us who live abroad should stop henceforth, bad mouthing SALONE and spring to action.
    WE ask all who can help hammer the skull of illiteracy, to do so. It is said, that ,miseducating a child is a child lost.
    I feel like hating myself when i hear well informed people ( well educated) on their way home say, “AA DAE GO CHAP” ( Going to get a piece of the cake). It makes me sick. Does it make sense to them to go home with a mental picture to them of wanting to make that country a little paradise for their own respect to the people, especially the whites whom they left behind?
    Let us rally behind the SIERRA LEONE LEADER AND NOT THE A.P.C. leader President E.B.Koroma. If we have this mentality,we would soon play on the World Stage and not dance to tunes of the Western World.
    Negating your country is never a plus but a minus to even you the negator.
    Let us diagnose or deconstruct the statements of particular foreing policy leaders on AFRICA so that we could save our resources amongst us ( AFRICA).If we do, we would create artificial scarcity, thereby dermined our prices. Students of International Relations or Foreign Policy students would nod their heads in agreement.
    It is only in a man’s native land that he has immeasurable advantages and liable to be a president.
    May God richly bless those well-wishers who want to see us once again be on the top. How could it be possible? The answer is simple. MEGA EFFORTS,NO MATTER HOW TINY. GOD BLESS US ALL.

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