Corruption Perception Index 2009 – How’s Sierra Leone Fairing?

Since 1995, Transparency International has published an annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) ordering the countries of the world according to “the degree to which corruption is perceived to exist among public officials and politicians”. The organization defines corruption as “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain”

The higher a country’s score, the less corruption there is. New Zealand ranks No.1 overall with 9.4 points. For Africa, Botswana, ranking at No.37 with 5.6 points, is the least corrupted country (kudos to them) It’s worth of note that there is no African country in Top 36.

For West Africa, Ghana (I’m proud to say is the least corrupted ranking No.69 with 3.9 points. still a LOT of work to be done), Nigeria at No.130 with 2.5points and wait for it ……………..Sierra Leone at No.146 with 2.2 points!

Click here for full details of the Corruption Perception Index

I mean no offence, but I would never have believed Sierra Leone was perceived to be more corrupt than some other countries, Nigeria being a prime example!!!!

More needs to be done as such an international image is bad for any country especially if it wishes to court investors.

I must say, the present government has indeed been working towards a cleaner image, more people are being brought to book and I commend and encourage the ACC (Anti Corruption something) To continue its work so our dear Salone can stand proud in West Africa and the world.



2 thoughts on “Corruption Perception Index 2009 – How’s Sierra Leone Fairing?

  1. No surprises here!
    Salone has a minimal and ineffective Government accountability system, combined with the usual greed and total lack of principles in dealing with public finances.
    Add to this a poor and cowed press who neither understand or look for or report departures and you have a recipe for the constant unreported ripping off of a poor public.
    I see that some Ministers have been investigated. No news however about the Finance officials (not Ministers) who act without any conscience in defrauding public accounts and stealing aid funds provided by the rest of the world who think they are helping the poor.
    Unless something is done to introduce an ethical and courageous public audit function (as in Liberia) there will be no improvement in Sierra Leone. The present Audit Service is clearly ineffective, either because they are too cowed to report the truth, too inefficient to do serious investigations, or perhaps involved in the frauds directly.

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