Ebola – Why The Corruption Continues

I am amazed and will continue to be amazed about how some people of this country react when they’ve been shown evidence of their evil deeds.

LightShining2It reminds me of the case of the poda poda driver we encountered driving on the wrong side of the road (Wilkinson Road) head on to meet us. We told him to move to his side of the road (which was obviously heavy with traffic), not only did he heap insults upon us, but the people in his car abused us too!! I mean, you would think, his passengers will reprimand him for being so reckless… oh no, not here. They are in a hurry to get to their destination by fair means or foul forgetting that they could die before they get there due to the dangerous driving of their driver!

That is the story of Salone – where people dance in the streets when a “Big Fish” is only fined instead of jailed for blatant corruption. I mourn for this country. Unless we repent and turn from such wicked and corrupt ways and change our attitudes boldly exposing instead of condoning corruption or being silent about it, there could be a total collapse of governance.

The Auditor General’s report on the ebola funding has been released and many people are rightly shocked by it, both on and off social media.

However, after the initial shock, now the AG’s office is being attacked from left right and center. I know for a fact that the AG’s office is one of the last bastions standing up against corruption. If it wasn’t for them, this country will have been bled dry long time ago.

Yet they get attacked when they do their job? Now if donors become weary, “oh it’s the fault of the AG”? REALLY?

Should we shoot the messenger because we don’t like his message? So when did it become the fault of the AG instead of the corrupt companies and individuals pocketing Salone’s money?

If exposing the truth is tantamount to witch hunting then we are a bunch of sad people. The REAL culprits are the CRIMINALS who should be prosecuted but I know will get away with it once again, as is the norm. To BIG to catch. REALLY? God have mercy!

When should the report be released? When should you be told that your house is subsiding and will soon collapse? After it has collapsed? Or earlier so you can do something about it?

Tolerance of evil and corruption is evil itself. It remains to us and all who can to expose it to do so.

These are the days when evil is called good and good evil. While brave health workers both internal and external are doing their best to eradicate this dreadful disease, some are on the sidelines sabotaging their efforts and pocketing donors’ money. Surely, these guys should be exposed and shamed.

If some people would rather bury their head in the sand, then so be it. Some of us won’t give up, EVER!

I applaud the Auditor General and her office for a job well done.



3 thoughts on “Ebola – Why The Corruption Continues

  1. why the audit unvailing the names of those people who are sending them comment and accurate information. dont you think you are doing more arm than good, why did the ACC publish the names and emails of people who gives them information. pls work according the objectives of the office, protect the interest of the people and not your pockets.

    • It’s high time people are named and shamed. Corrupt people usually prefer the cover of darkness. But now the light is shining on them. Everywhere they go now people will know the kind of people they are. Corruption should not be classified.

  2. Yet We Are Calling On The A C C To Investigate On The Actual Amount Of Hazrd Payment Coming From N A C, Coz The Reason Behind This Is DERC Bombali Is Actively In Corrupt Practices Instead Of Paying Workers The Actual Amount They Cut The Money. It Was Clearly Made By President Koroma That Who So Ever Is Working In An Affected Community Should Receive A Weekly Allawance Of Le400,000 And Not Le200,000 But This Is Happening In Bombali Why Should That Be, ACC Act Now And Protect The Vonorary Worker Of These Disease. Consult Individual Worker In Bombali Base On The Amount They Are Receiving You Whill Actually See The Truth Of What Am Posting. I Look Foward To You (ACC)

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