Government To Scale Down 50th Anniversary Celebration From $25Million

Why am I not surprised?? I came across the article the Premier News newspaper printed on January 14, 2011.

Apparently, celebrations will be reduced drastically because of inadequate funds to implement the project. The information and communication Minister Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo made the disclosure on Thursday 13th Jan, 2011 while addressing the press at the ministry’s weekly press conference in Freetown.

I can’t type the whole article here,

but the gist of it is that, the money will rather be spent on infrastructure such as roads etc that will leave a lasting legacy. All good and I mostly agree. Also, in the current state of things – such as high ( in my opinion ridiculous prices) of  goods, GST tax, etc – people ( I have been listening to the radio) are questioning why such an amount should be spent celebrating. In addition, a lot of people are asking what we are celebrating – meaning has any good come of the 50 years worthy of celebration?

How Kuwait Is Celebrating

Contrast this to Kuwait, who today have ordered the distribution of $4 billion (yes you heard me – $4billion!) worth of free food for 14 months to citizens as the oil-rich emirate prepares to mark the 50th anniversary of independence, 20th anniversary of liberation from Iraqi occupation and the fifth anniversary of the emir’s ascendance to power. (read full story here)

WOW! I mean, they’ve got OIL and everyone is benefitting. I remember reading years ago that Kuwaiti citizens get a free house when they get married. Just imagine! So how about Sierra Leone? According to world statistics, Sierra Leone has got 21 of the 24 natural resources in the world! Yes Sierra Leone is RICH! And yet poor, what happened? Reading this article about Kuwait makes my eyes water.

How come our resources have not been used for the good of all? 50 years, and we haven’t got enough money saved to celebrate because we’re still marking time with the basics – road, electricity, water or even a dignified hall in which to celebrate!!!! OMG! I shudder as I think of 27th April fast approaching. I hope and pray it’s not an embarrassment to the Republic of Sierra Leone.

As I write this I mourn for Africa and Sierra Leone in particular……



3 thoughts on “Government To Scale Down 50th Anniversary Celebration From $25Million

  1. Hi l have just returned to the UK after spending xmas in sweet salone. Celebrating 50yrs of independence l think the government should seriously consider upgrading the airport which is the first port of call, the service from immigration staff, fixing the air conditioner in the baggage hall and also retraining of custom officers in dealing with people and the porters as well need to given some basic handling training. Clean drinking water in freetown is a problem, and that also needs addressing, light well l was really impressed,only had one day without light. I am thinking of returning home in the not too distant future with my two daughters who love freetown so much, but for now l am content with my yearly visits.

    • Thanks Eve for your comment, you will be pleased to know the Lungi airport is also included in the celebrations money. The whole airport will undergo a facelift including a bigger VIP lounge. What surprises me is that, it’s left for the last minute… As for water, well it’s made worse by the road works but most of all by the incompetence of the water company. In my opinion it will be a long while before that problem is solved if at all.

  2. I am in support of the first comment by my sister who has just returned from holiday. Frankly speaking there are lots to do in the country Sieera Leone. Am in Sierra Leone as am making this comment. The news of the 50th celebration has almost hitting the least part of the country but due to bad heart of certain citizens it has begginging to die down. I want to ask the committee to work towards development. Even though Government has change almost everything, there are so many underdevelop parts in this country. LET THEM PAY MUCH ATTENTION and work to improve peoples lives, many citizens are going to bed with empty stomach why then should we celebrate, please tell them we are suffering yah.

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