How Wilkinson Road Looks Now

The ongoing roadworks on Wilkinson Road in Freetown as well as the Lumley area is fast improving and I must say, I like the way CSE especially is undertaking the project. There’s no doubt they are doing quality work with some major

overhauling and complete digging and resurfacing of the road. There’re no more roundabouts at Lumley although, I’m sure by the time they’re finished there will be something there to prevent predictable traffic chaos.

As for Wilkinson Road, I’m a bit hesitant to vouch the quality(different company) from what I’ve seen so far but in the end only time will tell. The rains have started already and if there’s anyway of proving quality, the Freetown rains will lay bare any shoddy work that has been done. For that matter it’s a wait and see.

All said and done, I can say for sure, traffic has reduced already from Regent Road to Spur Road ❗ and our morning school run is much better. We not so anxious to leave the house before 7.00am anymore. πŸ˜† That alone is a big PLUS. I can’t wait for it to be all done. Hopefully, the light will come along with it ( More on the light later)

I took some pictures but in April and there have been more improvements since I took them. I’m waiting till June to post some more. Enjoy!

Wilkinson Road April 2011

Wilkinson Road October 2010 – Reminder



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  1. Thanks for this update. I have been wanting to see how Wilkinson road looks like after the herald expansion and reconstruction. I am impressed and hoping to see more of such developments across our beloved Salone.

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