Places To Eat In Freetown…

I thought I should post this information for the benefit of those coming this December, or visiting at any other time.

Here are some of the places I hang out – list according to my most preferred

My favorite places by far is:

  1. Kimbima Hotel :- This hotel is amazing – I love the food (big portions) and the friendly service and we go there frequently as a family. The children love the “chocolate” ice cream especially. I also love the fact that it’s owned by a locally bread business man AKA Sam King. The views are fantastic! You’ll find this in Aberdeen near Bintumani Hotel. 😆
  2. Bliss Patisserie – I mean for all you gateau lovers this is THE place! It’s heavenly Bliss indeed! I love the space and ambiance. Good for taking your friends out for a chat and indulging in some cakes and hmmmm…all the other nice stuff. They also make great food and are very organised. I order all my birthday cakes from here. This is on Wilkinson Road
  3. Chinatown – You’ll get absolute authentic chinese food upstairs whereas downstairs serves good fresh food as well. If you’ve got an occasion – say romancing your partner – then I recommend upstairs. For chit chat, quick no-frills lunch and an experience of breezy Lumley beach downstairs is great too.
  4. Country Lodge :- Now another hotel with a VIEW!  I especially like their customized peppery baracuda stew. Also very good for functions and launches if you’ve got a business to launch or a party for a select few, they offer brilliant service. One of my friends had a 40th Birthday bash there in April. Very nice indeed! (You’ll find this at Hill Station)
  5. Crown Bakery – In fact I don’t go here often  because of the distance, but each time I do, I’m not disappointed. It’s always busy, I just wish they could expand it.  The constant busyness shows how great their food is. I love their sandwiches a lot infact, I go there just for that.
  6. Delightful :- This is a Nigerian restaurant and they deliver! From Eba to Egussi to all sorts of Nigerian delicacies – you’ll get them here. Plus they also do ordinary food such as chips and chicken.  I especially like them for takeaways. I love their chicken pie and crunchy chicken most of all. Highly recommended.
  7. Paddys – Fantastic for grilled stuff. Located in Aberdeen, Paddys seems to have been there forever. You can also order from them if you’re doing a small party or get-together. I love their prawn kebabs best.
  8. Basha – On Wilkinson Road. They are good at roasted chicken, sharwama and other junk food that you’d want to eat once in a while. Good ambiance for watching football and friendly discussion. Food prices are reasonable.

Places where their food tasted like grass 😈 (at least the time I went there) :

  • Bintumani
  • Cape Sierra

Places where I’ve not been to myself so I can’t vouch for their food is

  • Roys
  • Chez Nous
  • Other hotels like Solar Hotel etc
  • And of course many other small restaurants and “cookery shops” that sell local food.

In Makeni:

  • Wusum Hotel

To have nice meal out, prepare to spend around Le100K for a couple. For a family of 5 around Le250K

Hope this list helps. Will update it as often as I can …. ciao 🙂



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