Slow Internet Is Such An Embarrassment

Talk about embarrassment ! I experienced some today quite frankly I had the “blushes” over an issue I can’t control – internet speed in Sierra Leone

I  was in a 3-way conference call with a client and an webhost and I needed to access the site of the webhost to fix something. Folks, it took me 4 minutes… and even that I wasn’t logged in properly. I mean 1 minute silence on the phone is bad enough but 4 minutes… wow that’s like an eternity, my goodness! To my other companions who are based in America, they must have thought I was in a village somewhere in the jungle…and it truly felt like that..

Needless to say I didn’t do much as today the internet was especially slow and my patience wore thin. I mean even on Facebook, adding friends meant permanent freeze on the page, just gave up.

As I’m on the net most of my working time, I’ve learnt to cope with the “crappy” ( excuse my French) internet service on offer here in Salone! and guess how much I pay for the privilege & embarrassment….wait for it … Le225,000  / month roughly $60/month!

If anything disappoints me most in Sierra Leone, it’s the internet connection(used to be electricity)! Infact, I know internet cafes that have closed down or become simple printing houses because they couldn’t cope.

Fiber Optics In 2012

I hear fiber optics is coming in 2012, well for me it’s such a long wait but in the meantime, it seems I have to cope with what’s available. I’ll leave complaining for now…



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