Everyday Mode Of Transport In Freetown

So how do we move about here in Sierra Leone? Bear in mind that the terrain here is mountainous. This is 4x4 Common Mode Of transportjust to enlighten you just in case you’re coming for good and want to buy a car.

I’ll talk about private car first:

The best mode of transport here is a 4×4 😉 simply because of the mountainous terrain and the bad roads. Other cars will do, but they’ll struggle to get to some places. I’ve seen that only non 4×4 that can weather things better here is the Mercedes.

The make or brand that garages are familiar with here include Range Rover, Land Rover, Toyota, Ford and Mercedes.

Buy any exotic car like Cadillac, Chrysler, Hummer, Porshe and perhaps BMW and you’ll be on your own should your car break down.

Unfortunately, there’s not enough know-how here to fix these cars and even with these common ones that I’ve mentioned, it can take days and a lot of guess work for it to be fixed! (A word to the wise….)

For public transport you have:

Last time I checked, fares for all public transport (apart from the motorbike) is Le800. This price varies depending on the petrol price and is based on sharing. You can also hire a taxi or rent a car. Car rental can easily set you back $150/day.

1. Poda Poda (Mini bus) – Frankly, I’ve never taken this before but I know there are at least 16 to 20 people in it at one time.

2. Taxi – usually takes a minimum of 4 people at a time.

3. Ocada (motorbike) – Takes a minimum of 1 person. A little bit more expensive but they are able to reach certain places, taxis can’t. I’ve never used them as they seem quite dangerous to me. They cause the most nuisance on the road and have been banned in several busy roads.

If push comes to shove, your two legs will do better in certain circumstances. Just make sure you’ve got a bottle of water with you.



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