Coming Back To Sierra Leone If You Are Into Medicine

Just this weekend, I had a friend from diaspora confirm, she’s coming back for good! She took sabbatical and came to find a job and luckily she got one! That makes me happy indeed!

I had this email today:

Hi Ekua, I am really excited that I came across your blog. I am a midwife and
naturopathic medical doctor who wants to come home. I would love to learn more
from you about that. I am in the USA right now.

I’m placing my response here just in case someone else is wanting to know the same information:

Thanks for visiting my blog. I get busy otherwise I will be updating it more frequently.

Sierra Leone is progressing although some may have different views. For the medical persons like yourself: Healthcare in Sierra Leone is very abysmal although improving with the free healthcare initiative launched last year. There’s is still lack of equipment, better facilities and a host of other things I’m limited by time to mention here.  The pay is also on the low end.

I suggest if you want to comeback and practice, perhaps start thinking in the line of setting up something yourself with all the different diagnostic equipment on offer in other countries or perhaps you may want to think of funded project by UN, other  NGOs or something of that sort.

On the other hand if you don’t mind supremely LOW pay (of course compared to what you might be getting now then) Sierra Leone will greatly benefit from your expertise working at the government hospitals etc

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Hope this helps
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