Sample List Of Things To Buy When Coming Long-Term

Got a few people asking so here we go. This list is by no means comprehensive or mandatory as everything depends on your personal taste, likes and dislikes. Also, by all means do suggest some more by leaving a


This list here comprises of things you’ll save SERIOUS money on if you buy them abroad and import yourself. You can get these items in Freetown Sierrra Leone but either the prices are exhorbitant or the quality is not good.

Without much ado here’s the list:

Ordinary Household Things

    • Fridge
    • Freezer
    • Cooker
    • Generator
    • laptops
    • computers
    • batteries for laptops,
    • Car
    • Cleaning stuff like Mr Muscle, bleach, kitchen washing up liquid in gallons (get it at macro or costco)
    • Gloves
    • Toilet roll
    • Kitchen towels
    • Pampas(if you have babies – this is ONE thing you’d not want to buy here in Sierra Leone. Just one SINGLE pampas can cost $1-$2! I no de lie)

      Non Perishable Food

      • Sardines
      • Tinned Tomatoes (Plum, Chopped or Puree) (Yesterday, I checked the price of the plum and its Le10,000 per tin (more than $2), usually, it’ll cost you less than half the price in Tescos)
      • Tuna
      • Non fizzy Drinks (Fizzy drinks are very cheap here. But if you want proper juices organic/non-organic or you’re into expensive hard liquor better bring your own. Better yet, stick to cheap healthy organic coconut juice which is available 24/7, almost 365 days a year – my personal favorite!)
      • Cooking oil
      • Ketchup
      • Mayo
      • Salad Cream
      • Pasta
      • Noodles
      • Biscuits
      • Cookies

      For Your Hand Luggage

      These are perishable so you can’t ship them and you can’t bring too much either. But just for the first few days, you can sample these out

      • Yoghurt – you’ll get them here but not a lot of variety
      • Strawberries – I’ve never seen any
      • Grapes – you’ll get them here at “cow price”

      Anything else that takes your fancy

      Of course, bear in mind when your stuff gets here, you’ll have to pay your duty or have your freigt agents do it for you. In my experience when you add up all the costs, you will still make BIG FAT savings with which you can head for Country Logde or Kimbima to enjoy yourself! Or invest in any pet project of yours.



      5 thoughts on “Sample List Of Things To Buy When Coming Long-Term

      1. i guess your list is for Sierra Leoneans. Because these food mentioned are not wished by europeans and are to me existing in Salone. The europeans are getting nuts of the lack of cheese in this country. Real cheese are not existing in Sierra Leone (all europeans eat real cheese every day and no I dont mean laughing cow or any soft cheese). I mean matured cheese and not cheddar. White bread is not good for the health, you need to eat brown bread. But you can´t find it in Freetown. So you need to bring it along. Furthermore Sour cream, that is necessary for all cooking and yuoghurt (which is mentioned).

        • Hey, thanks Lars! I’m sure there’re other stuff not listed here. As for brown bread, you should be able to get some at China Town (Lumley beach) It goes pretty quick. There’s also a bakery in town that does it on Percival Street. For cheeses, try St Mary’s supermarket on Wilkinson Road – not a grand selection but you may find what you need there.

          All contributions welcome!

      2. Well, not so bad as I see…
        In September we plan to move to Freetown at list for a year with 2-year old daughter. Ihope we’ll find all necessary things, because I can’t even imagine how we’ll bring everything for normal life from Moscow ;)))

        • Vicky, find Robert Claire UK or the other shipping companies (Aureol) and see what they can do help. Try Robert Claire on this number 02072319000 and here’s their address Unit 5 Discovery Business Park, St James’s Road, LONDON, SE16 4RA

      3. edenliving, Thank You for your answer!
        But we live in Moscow (Russian Federation),so, I think London Company can’t help us in this situation, or did I misunderstood You?

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