SLPP Campaign Day

Today was SLPP campaign day. For those who don’t know, in order to avoid unnecessary clashes and/or violence, politcal parties campaigning for the presidential elections in Sierra Leone have been allotted different days. Official campaigning began on the 17th of October, a month before election day. What amazes me is that, I have not seen […]

Sierra Leone Election Nominations Pictures

There are 10 or so politcal parties, the past 5 days have been nominations and formal registration week. I was surprised to see the number for supporters that turned out  for both SLPP and APC especially. There are roughly 10 or so parties contending in these elections – : APC, SLPP, PDMC, PDP, UNPP, YPP, […]

A Time To Pause….

Today, despite it being rainy, I took the opportunity when the sunny spells came out to relax for few minutes on the beach and just stare into the sky…wow I watched the clouds moving across Lumley towards Juba Hills, I guessed there would be rain there soon. The sheer luxury of abandoning everything for a […]

$24 Extra At Lungi Airport Along With More Securtiy

Substance Detection Dogs Along With New Surveillance Technology So no more hiding place for “amateur smugglers”! I say “amateur” because the professionals certainly know how to evade all this new techie stuff. Nevertheless, better than nothing. A word of caution to those would be “dry fish” ehhh shall I say smugglers you may want to […]

Watching Chelsea Win On The Beach

Fantastic day yesterday, we all went to Lumley Beach to watch football where a giant screen has been placed at Alafia point. Literally we sat on the beach and watched the proceedings with perhaps about 200 or so people. Much to my frustration, the first half produced nothing and then well towards the end of […]

No Water, No Light In 21st Century Sierra Leone

It pains me to write this especially after a long pause in which I have been so busy to blog! But really and truly I have been waiting for too LOoooooonnnnng a time hoping that this situation will be fixed that really I have given up. Sad though because I believed myself to be a […]

Southern Eye Clinic Restores Vision

Despite the poor road network leading to Serabu Town in the Bumpeh Chiefdom, Bo District, yet people from all over Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and even Mali brave it to ensure that they receive proper free eye treatment at the Southern Eye Clinic.  The Center provides eye testing, visual acuity, minor surgical procedures, cataract surgery […]