Why Does Lumley Beach Have To Be So Dirty?

A million dollars for the right answer!! Quite frankly, I’m fed up with the dirty and grime on this beautiful beach.

I mean where can you find a long pristine beach like that? What comes to mind immediately is Miami Beach but boy what a contrast??

After a long while due to rain and general busy-ness, I went to the beach last weekend and same old story: beautiful but dirty – I mean man-made dirt comprising of: broken bottles, plastic bottles and plastic bags of every kind, needles, dog waste, condoms, stray dogs, rotten seaweed and much more.

For me the worst are the needles which are super dangerous especially when you’ve kids.

What saddens me is the fact that, Lumley beach is the first beach any tourist will see and we all know first impressions count. The way it is, it conjures up poor national image.

Really, for national dignity sake cleaning the beach should be a priority!

There’re a good number of idle people about who I’m sure will be happy to keep such a national asset clean 24/7 in exchange for some reasonable income.



One thought on “Why Does Lumley Beach Have To Be So Dirty?

  1. i believe the attitude of sierra leonians is what is causing these amazing beaches lose it’s touch.by attitude i mean the irresponsible disposal of rubbish at the beach.people go there to have fun but end up dumping their empty cans,water bottles etc at the beach.if all of us act responsibly and treat these beaches with respect it will go a long way to help and reduce the volume of filth.also i believe the city council should provide bins and ensure that there are people there to empty it when it’s full on a regular basis.
    sierra leone is a great city and pray that the true sierra leonians will see that.

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