Registering A Business In Salone – A 1-Day Wonder?

Errrrhhh…..well no! It takes more than a day and infact I’ll recount here my experience of registering a new business here in Sierra Leone – For those of you in the UK, it’s similar to setting up your company at companies house and getting a certificate for it. As write, I’m still in the process of getting the registration. This is my first post about it, will write

OK, I went to the Business Registration Center (NRA) on Tuesday the 26th Of January, 2010. First of all, there were so many people in front of the building, I wasn’t sure what they were doing there. When I entered, I wasn’t sure where to go: there wasn’t any obvious receptionist or any visible directions for those who want to set up. What was available, though, were posters on the wall stipulating the various costs involved. This is a good as it’ll cut down on a great deal of backhandedness. (“For lack of knowledge….”)

Now my aim on this day was simple – to get the registration forms so I can fill them in at home. However, things too on a different turn. I got passed around from booth to booth with excuses such as “I’ve run out of payment slips”, “You’ll need to write a mandatory request letter before a name search can be done” and finally after more than an hour, during which I manually wrote the said letter, I had nothing to show for my efforts.

The only thing I’d done was to pay Le10,000 for a for a search for the company name I wanted, then to my shock, I was told to come back the next day as the search was done manually….duh πŸ˜† ❗ I had to laugh!

I mean who does these searches MANUALLY ❓ Just imagine. No wonder, I didn’t see ONE computer in site!!!! How on earth is this process going to quick and painless without computers? C’mon Sweet Salone this is the 21st century…!

I got the “searcher”‘s number because I couldn’t afford another wasted afternoon and promised to call him next day to confirm the name before I ventured from my hideout in Lumley to go into town. But after calling him several times with no reply, I’m going there again tomorrow. You can be sure I’ll let you know what happens.



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