Hilton Coming To Sierra Leone And Several Other Good Things…

When I got on the plane recently to come to Freetown, I was surprised (or not really) about the number of foreign (by the way, I’m not foreign :lol:) people coming to Freetown too! Wow so what were all these people coming to do seeing (as some people think) Mama Salone is down and out? hilton hotel in Sierra Leone

My dear  friends (Sierra Leone diaspora in particular),  you will be surprised to know that Africa including Sierra Leone, is the new frontier, the new gold rush, the place where you invest $1 you make $10 or more, (of course subject to applying some wisdom and money and hard work) these people know it and they are coming for their share. How about you?

Don’t let those miserable pictures they show on CNN kid you. While you are “sleeping” abroad people are “chopping” in Sierra Leone.

I mean the weather is fantastic, the beaches are from heaven – really some of them are so remote and unspoilt, you simply gasp when you arrive there. Ahh how I wish Salone will be marketed more! (may be I should be given the job hah hah 😆 ) I mean I see some of these drab countries (no names mentioned) making a meal of so little on CNN.Then I think imagine Sierra Leone being put on CNN?

Any back from my reverie, Hilton in Sierra Leone ….Yes the once dilapidated Cape Sierra is being redeveloped into Hilton and all being well, it should be ready by 2013. The president  “turned the soil” or opened the project about 2 or 3 weeks ago (that shows how busy I am not blogging about it then).

In addition, Spur Road is now being widened, Wilkinson Road is not yet complete but work has began feverishly and I’m sure by end of October it will be a pleasure to drive on there (aside the “ocadas”).

Now the rains have stopped, we are getting busy “beaching” at every opportunity. You don’t need to break the bank to enjoy yourself in Sierra Leone. And what I admire most about people here is their ability to enjoy regardless of the circumstances. When there’s an occasion or holiday, people do not hesitate to bring their music boxes out and dance on the streets. WOW. Brings a smile to my face everytime!



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