More Good News – Fibre Optics Landing In Freetown Today!

Wahoo! I’m so excited about this particular event! It’s been long in coming and boy! we’ve been thirsting for it! Anything for increased internet speed is welcome in all quarters! The formal commissioning of the fibre optic landing commissioning was held today at the submarine ACE landing station in Lumley. This will put in place the necessary structures for the landing of the submarine fibre

Those present included the information Minister, Alhaji IB Kargbo, World Bank representatives, members of the ICT Council and others from various Commissions and Agencies


I feel very happy and excited about this mainly because we have languished in slow or non-existent internet territory for far too long. Some of the advantages this will bring include:

  • High internet speed
  • Moderniztion of telecoms sector
  • Promotion of rural telecommunications
  • Schools And Colleges To Benefit
  • Not to mention, everything will and should be all round  CHEAPER! – This will be good. As  I’m writing I’m in the process of installing a VSAT which costs an arm and a leg. But I need it to get me going till the fibre optics will be operational which is around 2013.

A company Sierra Leone Cables Ltd has been set up to direct all the issues concerning the Fibre Optics telecommunications programme. Apparently the whole project is being funded by the World Bank and the Islamic Bank.



One thought on “More Good News – Fibre Optics Landing In Freetown Today!

  1. I am happy about the new improvements in Sierra Leone. Especially with the fiber optic upgrade, there will be more flexibility and with the growing Cyber world, so does the Cyber crimes. this is where i might come in as a consultant and with my Cyber security and network training, i will sure be glad to lend my talent and education. Great news.

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