No Water, No Light In 21st Century Sierra Leone

It pains me to write this especially after a long pause in which I have been so busy to blog! But really and truly I have been waiting for too LOoooooonnnnng a time hoping that this situation will be fixed that really I have given up. Sad though because I believed myself to be a hardcore optimist – and I still am but it’s becoming increasingly

difficult to encourage people (especially diaspora) to come and help with nation-building and also enjoy Sierra Leone on a personal level.

I mean what happened to Bumbuna that we all lauded? Was it a nine-day wonder? I must admit, as optimistic as I am, this is not looking good at all especially when one doesn’t see light for 2 or 3 weeks straight! I mean how are investors supposed to come and set up businesses if BASIC electricity is NOT available? How are businesses supposed to make any type of profit if they have to pour it all back  into buying fuel for generators? How is the ordinary populace supposed to live if we are confronted daily with exhorbitant prices of most commonly used commodities adding to the already high cost of living? If I have to light a generator to supply my customers with a basic service, of course, I will add the cost of running it to the price I sell to the consumer – so bottom line, the consumer looses.

As for water, it’s laughable: so many broken pipes leaking gallons of water saturating the roads whereas our taps are dry. I mean c’mon, even in the dry season, Sierra Leone is still blessed with water. So what’s happening? See the picture above, people at Regent Road getting water – not from a stand pipe but from cut water pipes that should lead to someone’s home. The water you see on the ground is not rain but tap water. We have that much leakage every time Guma runs. In fact that’s how I know Guma is running.

Why should people have to chase water bowsers or carry large drums around in search for water in 2012?

More than 4 years in Sierra Leone and yes I’ve seen improvements in certain areas, and yes the global economic climate has not helped but really, that is the least of our problems –  which are mostly internal. We cannot continue to blame global issues when our own house is not in order. If you build your house on sand, you shouldn’t blame anyone when the storm comes and it falls.

Corruption, LACK OF VISION and selfishness must be stemmed if we are to get anywhere respectable.

Enough, said…. I’m going to Borbor beach to cool off….after all one must enjoy in spite of everything.



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