Read This… And Weep For Salone

As you may well know, the Bumbuna Dam is nearly 100% operational. Recently, we have been experiencing better light. In fact from Thursday last week till Saturday we had light with no interruptions and this is the first time this has happened since we came to Sierra Leone in January 2008.

Now, went to visit a friend of ours at Fudia Terrace this past Saturday and discovered that he had no light.

We were quite surprised to discover that his power line had literally been cut in 2!!! Just whenwe came out of his compound, we noticed that NPA (bless them!) had come to measure the length of the destroyed cables in order to replace them.

This morning, His Excellency the President Bai Koroma, gave a short speech in which he addressed the issue of armed robbery and also added that anyone caught cutting down cables which is bringing the Bumbuna light will be arrested and prosecuted.

Folks the reason why I write this is to figure out why people are so OPPOSED to progress and development.

  • Is it madness, envy, ignorance, spitefulness or sheer stupidity that will make someone cut powerlines in order to halt its distribution and prevent the governement from succeeding in its venture?
  • Is this development not for the benefit of us all?
  • How will such attitudes lead to the progress of this country?

Such backward (dark ages) thinking should not be tolerated at all and I’ll be happy to see such perpertrators brought to justice swiftly!



One thought on “Read This… And Weep For Salone

  1. hi,

    Well said. I could not have expressed it better. As the President said the attitudes of the people is the reason for our lack of progress.

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