Sierra Leone: Africa’s New Investment Destination

That was the theme for this year’s trade and investment forum which happened  on the 16th and 17th of November.

I was very excited to blog about this and quite frankly, I wish I had done so just when it happened because since then there’s been an Aljezeera corruption scandal about Sierra Leone investors being allegedly duped in high places and really it’s dampened my spirits a bit. I mean its bad PR for Sierra Leone.

Anyway, I will leave that behind and share the positives as well as the opportunities available. 😆 Oh and there are plenty for the savvy investor…. Here are some bullet points which stuck in my mind:

  • Only 11% of the arable land (5.4 million hectares) in Sierra Leone  is cultivated 🙁  Sad but good for you if you’re looking to improve the food situation in Sierra Leone and make profit along the way.
  • There is still 45,000 hectares of land available for licensing for mining of some sort.
  • Sierra Leone still needs lots of energy so if you have deep pockets, you could invest in thermal and/hydro energy.
  • Fibre Optics is here and begging for Sierra Leonean investors.
  • Oil,
  • Infrastructure
  • And many more…

My advise to any would be investors, there’s no “remote control” investing here. You have to come here yourself and check things out.

For me, I think education is the most important. Otherwise, the wealth of the country will be transferred abroad.

Here are some pictures




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