Sierra Leone Anti Corruption Csar Resigns OMG Salone!

In case you haven’t heard, Mr Tejan cole has resigned his position today as the Head of the ACC (Anti Corruption Commision) ❗ ❗

This is a tragedy for Sierra Leone – a country riddled with bribery and all forms of corruption,

Picture of Daily Police Corruption

Picture of Daily Police Corruption

hearing of which will make your ears tingle! YES, it’s even official, Sierra Leone is more corrupt than Nigeria…if you don’t believe me click here to see what I’m saying.

Having said that, a lot is being done to reverse, this dreadful image of this beloved country. I can reliably inform you that, quite apart from the various government officials and individuals that are being hauled to court by the ACC, different arms of the government are implementing systems designed to stop the onslaught of corruption.

For instance, last week, we went to the port to collect our stuff and much to our surprise, a new system is in place now. (read about our previous experience here.)
All monies are now being collected directly by Ecobank directly into bank coffers so the port officials/employess no longer handle money. This is a step in the right direction and other departments like SierraTel, NPA etc are doing the same.

Sure I can’t list 10 other things they can do to make it better but this is not the place.

The fact is, while these new changes are good, the fight is far from over. When people are used to extorting money from other people as a way of living, when one avenue is stopped a new one emerges. And we saw that at the quay last week. (I’ll write about the new corruption tactics in a future post)

There may be a myriad of reasons why Mr Tejan Cole is resigning. So far no reason has been given, it could be personal, it could be moreon a matter of principle, who knows ❓ Fighting corruption is a hard and one cannot give favours to anyone. Here in a Sierra Leone, I can imagine, it takes its toll rather quickly.

Whatever it is, I wish him well, and hope we get someone just as passionate to fight corruption and bring a good name and to the country once again.



One thought on “Sierra Leone Anti Corruption Csar Resigns OMG Salone!

  1. my husband went to the quay to clear a car and let me tell you the corruption is still there. He was forced to pay bribes but I told him to tell them he will take documentation and report it to the ACC. SL is doing downhill and I really thought this government was on the right path but it’s all a lie. Electricity is back to its sorry state and water is ridiculous. The corruption is rife. And the pathetic thing is the people who are serious about change are the ones being prosecuted.

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