“First Na Global, Then The Dollar, Now GST, Wetin Next?”

That was the lament of a listener of one of the radio program (radio democracy 98.10 FM) about 4 days ago.

I believe this sums up the current mood of most people and the whole issue of high prices by vendors without recall to any authority was brought home to me when I was told that even “potato leaves” sellers have increased their prices due to the said GST!

I mean GST is supposed to be collected only by businesses with Le200 million turnover and even though many of these people don’t qualify, prices have still increased.

Just this weekend past, I went to one of my favorite restaurants – China Town – and even before we ordered, we were promplty informed that 15% GST will be charged on top of the bill. Now what I haven’t said is the price of almost all the menu items, quite apart from the GST have increased within the last few weeks by at least Le2,000.00

Yes, I believe the government should collect taxes but there must be a way to regulate prices and prevent extortionism and profiteering by vendors which is becoming rampant!

I can attest to the fact that almost all supermarkets I’ve been to have increased their prices even on goods that have been there for years! ( I’ve seen cobwebs – yeh you got it – cobwebs on certain goods in one particular supermarket – which is to say, no one has touched them for months!)

To my knowledge there’s no consumer body that’s looking after the interests of ordinary consumers only pitiful calls from some honorable Ministers for shop keepers and market sellers to reduce their prices. It’s surely falling on deaf ears!

The best scenario(in the absence of the above), in my opinion is if us, the consumers are thoroughly educated of our rights and request for proof from any business owner charging GST.



2 thoughts on ““First Na Global, Then The Dollar, Now GST, Wetin Next?”

  1. Dear Ekua
    I hold you in high esteem for your effort to help this land using this tool. I have learnt a lot about the day to day living in Sierra Leone and can hardly control my tears.
    In a country where the oposition party is at mercy of the rulling party, there should be another pressure group that has a direct link to the president yet financially independent of the goverment.

    we pray for this group of honest brave and patriotic people who would tell the president how it is like to live in Sierra Leone without a regular income in our currt time.Ihope that your website will motivate so many here to get involve in our belove country.

    my love and regards to your family

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