The Electricity Situation In Freetown

I thought I should write a little bit about the reality of electricity in Freetown. Obviously, all my comments are based on where I live (Lumley) and I can’t vouch for other areas.

Since  we came in Jan 2008, it’s been touch and go with the electricity. Then, we had light almost every night with the power on  for all the weekend (both night & day). Then it became steadily worse where we had light only about 3 nights a week with plus all weekend (day and night). Fast forward to September ’08 when the Muslim festival was in progress and the light was about the same.

Things were very bad – I mean VERY BAD in November ’08 where the was light only about 1 night  a week and sometimes none at all. Around Dec ’08 things improved. Jan ’09 was similar to December but has since then it’s become steadily worse. As I write this, June ’09, we tend to have light 3 nights the working week and maybe – just maybe during the day on Sat or Sun. At night when we need it most, we have to use a generator.

As dire and backward as the situation is, I still have hope the the Bumbuna Dam will come through and at last… there’ll be 24 hour light.  🙂

Next time, I’ll write about the types and current prices of generators available and that I’ve seen people use…



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