Progress In Salone Roads Rehabilitation

On our way to Lakka beach 2 weeks ago, I noticed big improvement in the Penninsular Road. (I’ve got some picture to prove.) And that’s not the only one, a number of main roads are being fixed or have been fixed.

For instance, I’m told the road to Bo is now pristine and the road to the Liberian boarder has also been graded with contract already awarded.

On the Penninsular road,one can see a number of houses that have been broken due to them being in the way. In fact, on the day we went to Lakkah beach, houses along the road right in were in the process of being razed to the ground with a tractor.

It seems to me the political will is there and I can imagine that this time next year, if all goes well, the dirt Penninsular Road will be history so here are some pictures to remember The Way We Were when that happens:



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