Bumbuna Completed, Approved And I’m Getting Better Light…

Yes Salone is up and coming…. Well I feel much better and literally brighter – yes with the Bumbuna NPA light. Since two weeks now we’ve had light almost every night – sometimes it comes in at around 6.00pm, sometimes after we’ve gone to bed but never during the day. This is a much better situation and we’re all looking for more.

I heard from the grapevine that NPA made an announcement that they’re testing Bumbuna but apparently it’s only up to 20MegaWatts instead of the 50MW which is currently being worked on…

Needless to say, having brings about a “feel-good” atmosphere that only those of us who’ve experienced the lack of it can understand. I look forward to powering my laptop during the day with NPA and listening to the radio and doing all the frivolous things I can think of… simple things like storing ice cream in the freezer an eating it when I want.… 😆

I also look forward to civilised quietness when all generators in the area including ours are off:

Here are some of the stuff I’ll save on each month ❗

(current $ rate is about $4,000, you do the math)

40-60 gallons of diesel a month / @Le14,800 per gallon = Le592,000 – Le888,000

6 packets of giant candles /month – @ Le10,000 each = Le 60,000

Gosh… I can’t wait….Will update when more changes happen



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