Bumbuna Hydro – Quick Update

Just to qive you a quick summary on what’s happening on ground level and after this I think I’ll pause on the bumbuna issue unitl something dramatic happens.

The Good News……..
#1. I’m getting nearly 24/7 electricy. This is almost fantastic for me but for people that have lived here all their lives, it’s almost unbelievable! But hey, I believe in miracles and this Bumbuna hydro is one BIG FAT miracle!!!

#2. Big Fat Savings – Last month in October, we used only about 15 gallons of diseal for our generator, down from 40-60 gallons we were using. The Bumbuna was officially commisioned on the 6th of November and so far this month we used only 4 gallons to supplement. This is to give you an idea of what’s happening. I look forward to not needing any fuel at all but hey this is Africa…. one needs a standby for everything!

#3. The other good news – but for NPA – is that there’s increase in revenue collection. Prepaid meters are being installed in every house thus those who didn’t pay for their electricity (freeloaders) before are being forced to pay now or do without light.

The Bad News….
#1. Generator dependent businesses who never believed the Bumbuna will come and thus didn’t prepare for it are going out of business…



One thought on “Bumbuna Hydro – Quick Update

  1. Very good news for our country. Power is the basis for everything and if can get that right we are well on the way.
    For the generator business, the writing was on the wall long ago and all businesses should be able to adjust to changing local conditions. Maybe they should look for another area to contribute to s/leone’s development.

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