Business Bomba Competition 2011 – The Grand Finale

I’ve been wanting to post this but I’ve had problems with getting my camera connected with my laptop (lost the lead 😆 ) hence the delay. Nevertheless Business Bomba Phase II 2010/2011 was concluded in a Grand Finale

on the 23rd of April amid much pomp and fanfare at the Miatta Conference Center at the Youyi Building.

As usual, this was a business affair and quite forma. I really must commend AFFORD who organised it as it was the only function connected to the 50th Anniversary that seemed well thought out and organised without any dramas and sob stories, excuses etc…..believe me there were plenty that would make you shake your head! For the sake of my heart, I laugh at most and hope for the better.  😉

Here’s the serious stuff:

Sponsors include: UK Department of International Development (DFID), the Soros Economic Development Fund (SEDF), the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and  the German International Corporation (GIZ).

The President H.E Dr Ernest Bai Koroma was present and in his in his keynote address stated that his government will continue to prioritise business initiatives.  For those of you interested in Agriculture, now is the time to invest in Sierra Leone.

Also, Mrs. Eva Roberts previous Business Bomba winner was also present. Her product Moringa tea or  Morvigor Tea is now available in shops and supermarkets all over Freetown.  I must say  I like it very much. 😉

Here’s is the list of the Top 10 including the runner ups and overall Bomba:

Business Bomba Position – Prize Money (In Millions Of Leones) Business Idea
Samuel Theophilus Powers Winner – 100M Bio fuel ‘briquettes’ that can be used as an alternative for charcoal.
Hannah Clara Harding 1st Runner Up – 75M Milk Production
Joseph Abdul Sillah
2nd Runner Up – 70M Coconut Oil Production
Maxwell Rahman Koroma
3rd Runner Up -  65M Scaffolding Business
Abdul K. Kamara
4th Runner Up – 60M Flavoured Honey
Memunatu Q. Bangura
Adolphus, Jeremy Johnson, Samuel Lamin,Daniel Amara
David A. Sam-Saidu
Other Winners – 25M Each Various Business Ideas

The cocktail at the end was fantastic, plenty of food and music for the 500+ guests! Well done Business Bombas, we hope to see your products on the market next year!




4 thoughts on “Business Bomba Competition 2011 – The Grand Finale

  1. kindly let me know where I can buy Morivigor- moringa tea in london. A friend bought some when we attended the last awards ceremony in april at youyi building in freetown. May I also know where I can purchase some for other relatives in freetown.
    thank you
    Awaiting your prompt response

    • Hi Maggie, I’m not sure where you can get the Morvigor moringa tea in London but in Freetown you can get it in supermarkets.

  2. Hello to you all, I am thinking of starting a small business in Freetown. Can anyone give me some feedbacks on what will be best to sell. Or what is needed by the people in Sierra Leone. I read an article from some one living in Sierra Leone that export business will be the best to do there is it true? I live in the U.S.
    Thanks for your advice and assistance.

    • To do business in Sierra Leone, the best advice I can give is to get on the ground yourself and see what’s going on. Remote control business doesn’t work in Salone.

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