Current Cost Of 10 Everyday Goods

I’ve not posted for a while because I’ve been SO, SO busy! Well and with the advent of the light I’m able to do other things as well πŸ™‚

I thought I’ll give you a list of 10 everyday goods and their prices. Inflation is a scourge in Sierra Leone and for that matter in most parts of Africa. There are no adequate controls on prices of goods, thus something you bought today may be 2x the price in as little as 2 weeks!

Well that may be an exaggeration but I recently experienced this with 2 items I bought at the supermarket: one was SMA milk (900gm) I bought it for Le54,000 earlier on in September. When I went 2 weeks later it was Le58,000! The other was 1 Kg of goat meat – I bought it round about the same period for Le28,000/kilo only to find it’d gone up to Le35,000 / kilo in less that 2 weeks! When I asked why, I was told, the price of goats have gone up!!!

One feels helpless in such situations, of course, unless I can rear my own goats πŸ˜† I’ll be subject to this kind of merchant whims.

Not to bore you to much here’s a list of 10 everyday items. I’ll make an effort to update this list every 2 months or so so you see the general inflation that’s prevalent here. If you have something in mind you wish to be added to the list, just contact me.

Cost Of 10 Everyday Items
ITEM COST(in Leones) Oct 09($1-Le4000)
Bread (Sliced) 7000
Petrol (Gallon) 14,800
Bag Of Ordinary Rice(50kg) 130,000
Milk (Small Peak) 2500
Pampas (new born 32) 60,000
Coconut 1000
Cubed Sugar Packet 3500 (Used to be 2800 a month ago)
Taxi Fare 800
Gym Club Membership(Country Lodge) $70/month
Can Of Coke 3000
4 Plantain 5000