DeliverED From The Fear Of Death

Death where is your sting? Grave, where is your victory? In these last days, the fear especially fear of death
delivered2is becoming more pervasive. Just flick on the news and sometimes just hearing the headlines may leave make you heart sink with fear. With many evident harbingers of what is to come including ISIS, Boko Haram, Ebola, stock market masssive hikes & drops, blood moons, fearful signs in the heavens and many more it’s no wonder fear is pervading.

Like rabbits caught in the headlights, fear can make you freeze in paralytic inaction or cause you to bury your head in the sand make you un-useful either way. Burying your head in the sand will not stop the danger approaching. Nor will it prevent it from hitting you if you are in it’s way.

What the Bible has prophesied to happen will happen. Whether we like it or not, whether we believe it or not. We have to make sure the condition of our heart is such that whether in life or in death we are united with the Lord in His Heaven.

The good news is that, as Christians we have to know that we have ALREADY been delivered from the power of death thus breaking the fear of it in our lives. (Heb 2:14-15) Death is in our past not in our future. Gal2:20 says we  were crucified with the Lord and it is not longer us who live but Christ who lives in us. To put the icing on the cake, God DID NOT give us the spirit of fear but of POWER, LOVE and SOUND MIND. (2Tim 1:7) Now that may sound very spiritual.

How Do We Practically Live Without Fear Of Death?

So how do we practically live without fear? We must embrace death, we must stare death in the face and tell it that we are not afraid of it and that it is no longer us who live but Christ who lives in us. Are you fearful? Now you must find yourself in a quiet place and question why you are fearful.

What is it that is making you afraid? Are you afraid to loose your job? Are you afraid to loose your children, or that you might not survive? Are you afraid of getting ill? Once you have found out, prayerfully present it to God. Quote some of the verses above till it sinks in. This is a process, may take few minutes to hours. Sometimes days as God sets you free completely.

How To Know You Are Free From The Fear Of Death

When you are set free from the fear of death, here some of the ways your life will radically change

  1. You will no longer live in fear of the coming judgement of God (Ps 96:13). You will not deny it but neither will you live in fear of it because you will know that you are not the object of His wrath but rather you will understand that God in His mercy, He must rid the world of sin.
  2. You will have eternity stamped on your eyeballs. This world will no longer truly be your home. You will hold everything loosely but cling to Christ.
  3. Jesus will be the TOP of your list. You will be sharing Jesus more and more in wisdom, truth and in love, whether people listen or not.
  4. Being made a martyr (original word means witness, first used for Christians) for Christ will no longer terrify you. Like Paul, you will say for me to live is Christ and to die is gain (Phil 1:21). In that attitude, death looses its sting and the grave it’s victory!

When you are no longer afraid to die for Christ, you will not be afraid to live for Him! What can anyone do to a man who’s dead already?

If you have to choose between Christ and you job, you will choose Christ. You will no longer conform to this world in order to be liked. Friends this is happening more and more. Our brothers and sisters are being martyred in the Middle East, Nigeria, Kenya and some parts of Asia even though the media tries to hide it by not naming the victims as Christians.

In the West, Christians are being ostracized, some are loosing their jobs or businesses for standing up for the truth especially in this day & age where LGBT drums are ever louder. There’s  no freedom of speech any longer for Christians.

Question is: What will you do if it was you? Make your decision based your HOPE in Christ not on fear!




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