Electricity Situation December 2010

This year has been a year of MUCH, much better light here in Freetown. Now put together we’ve had light on about 300 days  so far even before the year completes. For some it  has been better others worse depends on where you live.

Most of the problem with light has happened towards the end of  this year when the road works began. As I write, some areas close to Wilkinson Road and Congo Cross have not had light for 6 weeks or more now as the old electric poles are being relocated.

This really should not have happened if it was all planned well. Thankfully, here in Lumley, we suffered about 5 solid days of no light when this work was being carried out. (it’s a different company CSE – building this part of the road) and I hope that’s the end of it.

Altogether, it’s been a far better year than last and HOPE is here amongst us again. When these roads are completed, it will give a new look to Freetown and with the others in the works, Sierra Leone is fast developing into a place you would want to be!!!



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