First Juice Manufacturing Company In Sierra Leone Launched

This happened sometime in May but it is still good news to share even now… – good things are happening in Sierra Leone… the early bird catches the worm…. simple but true.  Read on…

Here’s The Article:

The first juice manufacturing company in Sierra Leone was Thursday commissioned at the Newton community by President Ernest Bai Koroma, as part of his government’s commitment in promoting trade and maintaining economic stability in the country.

The US-based First Step, Africa Felix Juice is a combination of companies with the aim of promoting private sector investment in the area of agriculture and capacity building for local farmers in their respective communities.

In his keynote address, President Koroma noted that it was significant for such an international company to operate in the country, especially when his government was striving to provide a business-friendly environment. The president disclosed that the establishment of the company was part of a public-private partnership between the government of Sierra Leone, World Hope International and First Step business organizations.

He said the companies have a lot of potential in boosting the country’s economy by providing job opportunities for the youths and also promoting farmers in their respective farming communities.

"The creation of jobs is a pillar promise in my agenda for change; Sierra Leone has a very capable workforce and this zone will facilitate additional jobs that will spur meaningful change for many people in this country," he noted. "What is more important is that this project proves that Sierra Leone’s workforce and products can meet strict international trade standards and can compete in the global marketplace."

President Koroma maintained that the company was key in the agricultural development of Sierra Leone.

The United States Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Michael Owen, commended government for providing the conducive business environment for the operation of the company. He said the coordination will create more bilateral links between the governments and peoples of Sierra Leone and the United States of America.

"This is a special occasion and a hallmark of which all Sierra Leoneans should be proud of. The US will always be by you as friend and partner, and having a factory here will serve as a magnet for American companies and other foreign investments into the country," Ambassador said, adding that Sierra Leone was blessed in so many ways with good landscape and land for agricultural development.

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