Happy New Year From Sierra Leone!

Happy New Year to all my family, friends, business associates and all who visit this site! May all your dreams be fulfilled this year, 2011.

I can’t believe 2010 has already passed. Boy how time flies. It seems like I just blinked and it’s gone!

Here in Sierra Leone, it’s been an ALL night party and MONSTER traffic…ARRRGHHHH. Boy it took as more than 1 hour from Atlantic Bar to Lumley roundabout last night! As I write this morning, Lumley is quieter in contrast to the party revelry that carried on till the early hours of this morning! Boy people know how to party and the beach does offer the perfect setting!

In addition, at this time of the year, Freetown, is awash with weddings and JCs (diaspora on holiday) which adds up to the party atmosphere.

Also, the Harmarttan just started yesterday, literally! It’s been raining even in December which is quite unusual but when the children woke up looking so white and dry, I thought, finally the dry season is here! We’ve been mosturizing like crazy!

As Sierra Leone approaches 50 years, one wonders how things will pan out…. I just wish everyone ALL the best!



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