My New Year Wishes For Mama Salone

With one year ending and another one soon beginning, I cannot but reflect on the past year as well as look ahead.

Thank God, we as a family have had a good year last year and the Bumbuna truly made our year! Also we have adjusted more to the environment and it gets better…

For Freetown and Sierra Leone as a whole here are some my wishes:

#1. Continuous 24/7 electricity

#2. Cleaner streets – I’ll blog about this later but the rubbish situation in Freetown is DIRE!! to say the least. Something HAS to be done about it sooner rather than later. We cannot and should not accept this degrading situation any longer.

#3. Cleaner Lumley Beach – The state of this beach is so SA…AA…D! Every step you take is so dangerous because you could step on a broken bottle or worse still a needle. I mean this is the first beach tourists see, why does it have to be so dirty? I hardly go there anymore, I just see it from afar… no use endangering the kids too.

For the sake of NATIONAL DIGNITY, Lumley beach HAS to be CLEAN 24/7! Give Mama Salone something to be proud off!

#4. Better roads – Especially, I cannot wait for the road to Godridge, Sussex etc to be sorted. Parts of it seems to be better than it has ever been since we came but if this road is tarred it’ll open up the country and improve tourism.

#5.Better health care and sanitory conditions – thank God we hardly get ill, but for the few times we’ve been to the hospital, it’s been so pitiful. Few doctors, few nurses, almost no resources. (More in another post..)

#6.More professional businesses – the more the merrier. This place is virgin territory so come and invest.
#7. Last but not least – that all Sierra Leoneans here and abroad will rise up and be proud of their country. Without the love of this country, there’ll be no progress. That Sierra Leoneans will take up personal patriotic responsibility for their country instead of blaming the government all the time.

Stop the whining and giving excuses and let’s all get busy working and contributing to a developed Sierra Leone.



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