Rip-Off Sierra Leone

Oh yes! I see red today! Why? Well I’ll tell you what happened to me  this week on Monday which has left me simmering…

I went to buy groceries in”x” (won’t mention names today) supermarket on Monday. Among many things, I bought I saw and bought canned ham ( I know – not the best of foods 🙂 ) for Le4,500 each. Yesterday I went to the same supermarket and this time I didn’t even check the price because surely it must be the same 3 days later, right? Wrong! Guess what, after I’d brought my groceries home, I noticed that the same luncheon meat, same size, weight etc cost an eye-popping Le5,800!

Talk about inflation, this is broad daylight robbery! Very soon, I’ll start mentioning names – yes the supermarket culprits….

Have a great day!



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