Celebrating Sierra Leone Talent At The Poetry Night

Again this happened yesterday! We had a blast at the poetry night in Old School Friday night. I wrote about it some months ago here and I missed it a couple of times but last night’s was great! (although I forgot my camera :mad:)

Generally, people read poems they’ve written by themselves and some sing and showcase any musical talent they’ve got.

Mrs Pratt was a welcome regular and gave us 2 Christmas poems in Krio. I absolutely love this woman!

We also had Gwyn Jay Allen who gave us 4 fabulous songs…I actually bought his CD.

I also met Vicky ( click here for Vicky’s blog) who also gave us a poem “Mob Justice” that gave us a lot to think about.

Plus there was the dance act and many others….who says there’s no talent in Sierra Leone???:wink:



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