Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year…

To all my readers I wish you all bucket loads of joy and happiness in the coming year. Yes judging by the date, I should have posted this yesterday or before but man…I’m so busy!

But to do so I’ll have to drag myself from sampling the delights of the beach. (Of course sorry to those in the BIG Freeze – Our Christmas was spent in Bikini sipping chilled coconut… 😆 No need to make you even more jealous :mrgreen: you get the idea! Nevertheless, I must say I do love truly white Christmases too but only once in a while  )

So how was my Christmas Day? Fantastic!! Well nearly. We went to No.2 River Beach. Last year it was Bureh Beach and that was the most exhilarting experience EVER!
Now Unlike Bureh, No.2 River had more people there, not surprising is nearer to Freetown but it was still good. I give 100% for the golden orangy sunset and the white sands.

Still Bureh beach wins the award for the isolation. When we were there last year there were far fewer people.

Coming back to this yesterday, we enjoyed ourselves as usual. We hired a canopy and chairs. There’s also the option of hiring a hut for those who prefer. Best of all you can bring your own.

No.2 River Beach is managed by the village as a whole and they try their best. It’s one of the few places where prices are displayed 😉 It costs Le5,000 to park your car for the duration you’re there and costs of tables and chairs are about the same the huts are a bit more pricy.

However, the fun including volley ball, football, swimming, plain enjoyment of the sun and sea, mountains, white sands and super beautiful surroundings are all FREE!

We had a blessed day! And it took us an hour to get back home.

Here are the pictures. Enjoy!



3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year…

  1. I am one of those who had a white christmas in Westminster, MD. Family members were around but not as fun when you are in one of the beaches in SaLone. Next time try Kent Beach. It is my favourite. The last time Iwas home was in 2003.

  2. I love reading your blogs.I had a cold wet christmas here in London, spoke to my brother,sister and dad on christmas day, and I was so envious! Were are those pictures? Keep up the good work

  3. Thanks Ina

    I’ll follow your advice and try Kent Beach

    Thanks David

    I’ve loaded the pictures now. I had a few friend that came over for Christmas and rest assured they had a jolly good time! (Gosh, I know, I like rubbing it in!)

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