Still Blackout In Freetown – Bumbuna Where Are You?

As I posted last time, we were expecting the Bumbuna by the end of July. Well, the President did switch on the turbine and it appears the dam itself is finished?? Or so I hear because from the time I posted till now (about 4 weeks ago) we’ve had electricity here in Lumley ONLY 3 Nights!!!

Yes it’s that bad!! 😑 According to high profile sources I know at the NPA (National Power Authority), what’s delaying things are archaic substations, poles and connecting wires. Apparently most of the old wires were stolen for scrap exporters especially during the war. πŸ˜† Well now we’re all paying for it.

So far we’ve used nearly 60 gallons to power our generator 😈 Now thats BAD!! (A gallon costs Le 14, 500) Can you imagine what businesses are going through?? That’s why business are non-existant here but that’s for another post!

Although, I’m still optimistic and I’ll advice anyone reading who intends to come to wait until there’s electricity. Of course unless you can’t help it.



2 thoughts on “Still Blackout In Freetown – Bumbuna Where Are You?

  1. Thank you very much for your electricity information. I need this might sound like a wierd response but is it possible for you to give information on how people get taxed on their salary?

    I know this is a wierd questions, but we are moving over in March next year and I would like to know how exactly the government of SL tax people’s paycheck.

    I really loved the part were you state how many gallons you spend a month on electricity. (Seems as though that’s where all people’s money go.)

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