Very Good Electricity Situation – August 2010!

Well, it’s been a while but I’ve been super busy! Anyway this is just a quick update. Salone na swit! The electricity – I don’t know if it’s Bumbuna has been CONStannntttt πŸ˜† since June. May was terrible but since then it’s been great 24 hours non-stop more or less. The few times we suffer blackouts, it lasts not more than an hour!

Occasionally, (about 3x now) it’s gone off the whole night. Gradually, it’s becoming a non-issue. What will be great is if the wattage/power is boosted in the evening so that I can use the microwave! I look forward to that… Rome wasn’t built in a day..

The Salone Republic is up and coming… very soon there’ll be more progress, better roads, more businesses, ha ha ha… Na swit salone indeed…



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