Wilkinson Road Being Rebuilt!

Plenty of excitement in the air as all over the country in Sierra Leone, new roads are being constructed and old ones rebuilt and widened. It’s been about a month now

since the tractors made appearance on Wilkinson Road – one or the 2 main arteries from the West of Freetown into town centre.

The plan is to have dual carriage way on both sides which has meant a lot of pain and adjustment by those conducting business and living there.

All properties with walls or buildings encroaching the road have been demolished which means people have lost their walls and worse still their land. Small consolation though- I heard

all the walls will be rebuilt by the Chinese company undertaking the project. I’m told no compensation was made for the land. By and large everyone has corporated because I guess we are all fed up of the daily bumps on the road.


Better Roads

I say excitement because I’m envisaging how it’ll look like and how easier our lives will be. I hope it will turn out better than my imaginations.

Beautification Of Freetown by June 2011

I’m hoping this will lead to better drainage system along that road as well as less rubbish and hopefully new plants or trees to make this area look spanking new! (well except for the Panbodies…errrr…and derelict or unmaintained buildings.)



For those of you coming this season, prepare for the traffic and many diversions. For us we suffer for the gain so we complain little. Basically it adds about 1hour to journey times.


Plenty of dust around as the rainy season recedes. Perhaps not a time to wear white nor stand too long at the roadside.

Sierra Leone At Fifty

We may not see everything completed by this up coming anniversary on April 27th which will be a shame as that will be the time to showcase the country.

As I’ve said before, Sierra Leone is up and coming and getting better and better…are you going to join us or shall the few of us party???


More to come soon



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  1. Everyone has cooperated because Sierra Leonean law dictates you’re not allowed to build within 45 feet of the center of a road. Those who did are not compensated for something they weren’t allowed to do in the first place.

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