Business Bomba Competition 2011 – The Grand Finale

I’ve been wanting to post this but I’ve had problems with getting my camera connected with my laptop (lost the lead 😆 ) hence the delay. Nevertheless Business Bomba Phase II 2010/2011 was concluded in a Grand Finale on the 23rd of April amid much pomp and fanfare at the Miatta Conference Center at the […]

Registering A Business In Salone – A 1-Day Wonder?

Errrrhhh…..well no! It takes more than a day and infact I’ll recount here my experience of registering a new business here in Sierra Leone – For those of you in the UK, it’s similar to setting up your company at companies house and getting a certificate for it. As write, I’m still in the process […]

Business Bomba Finale…And The Winner Is…

The Business Bomba Finale took place at last! at Family Kingdom on Friday 15th Jan(it was postponed from the 18th December) and His Excellency The President, Earnest Bai Koroma graced the occasion with his presence in order to encourage entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone. 😆 Other government officials present included the Prime Minister, Alhaji Sam Sumana […]

TANCon Business Conference This Weekend at the Taia Resort.

Although, the investment conference that took place in London is over, but there’s still a lot of interest in Sierra Leone as an investment destination. I went to a conference on private investment yesterday (continuing today) and it was interesting to see that there are international investors that have plenty of money to invest. The […]