No Water, No Light In 21st Century Sierra Leone

It pains me to write this especially after a long pause in which I have been so busy to blog! But really and truly I have been waiting for too LOoooooonnnnng a time hoping that this situation will be fixed that really I have given up. Sad though because I believed myself to be a […]

Sierra Leone: Africa’s New Investment Destination

That was the theme for this year’s trade and investment forum which happened  on the 16th and 17th of November. I was very excited to blog about this and quite frankly, I wish I had done so just when it happened because since then there’s been an Aljezeera corruption scandal about Sierra Leone investors being […]

Global Entrepreneurship Week

This was launched on Monday by AFFORD and it’s aimed at encouraging the youth and people in general to start sustainable businesses. A whole week of activities right up to Sunday has been in the works. Includes:

Celebrating Sierra Leone Talent At The Poetry Night

Again this happened yesterday! We had a blast at the poetry night in Old School Friday night. I wrote about it some months ago here and I missed it a couple of times but last night’s was great! (although I forgot my camera :mad:) Generally, people read poems they’ve written by themselves and some sing […]