Ghana! Ghana Has Made Me Proud!

What can I say but that I had tears in my eyes…. Ghana wins against USA yesterday was so amazing! I expected them to win and when it happened, it brought tears to my eyes!!! LONG LIVE GHANA!!!!!!. We watched all of this in Makeni, Sierra Leone. We came for the weekend and watching it at the hotel bar gave an edge to it as all the American supporter from African Minerals were there to support their team

There was a friendly atmosphere and I sang the Ghanaina national anthem loud and enthusiastically with my hand on my heart. The only thing that was missing was my Ghana flag. I was about the only Ghanaian there….well until another guy surfaced later on.

Five minutes into the game came Prince Boateng’s goal and oh my the roar was deafening! I was on cloud 9. Our American counterparts seem deflated but hopeful after all it was early days yet…

Eventually, I was to sit through the painful equalizer but still had hope…by the end of 90 minutes, I even more hopeful as I saw the hunger in the Ghanian Stars… Well Asamoah Gyan, didn’t wait long to do justice. His goal literally lit the hotel atmosphere…and after another nailbiting 25 minutes Ghana was through.

All the American fans congratulated me …. I felt sooooooo proud…. oh mine… What a night… I look forward to more success…

LONG LIVE GHANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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