HEARTBREAK for Ghana….

The morning after! I couldn’t even sleep properly.. all I could see was the lost penalty goal that lead to further penalty lossess!!! Twist and turn, twist and turn, had we done this, had we done that… hindsight is always illuminating. A loss is a loss and we lost! 4 years is a loooooooonnnngggg time! Ohhh Ghana!

How could we be so close yet so far!!! Anguish, anguish…my son cried like a baby (he’s 5 years) when the game ended and I must say, I shed tears few myself. He kept asking me why Ghana has been kicked out and for once, I was lost for words. How can one explain a loss so painful?

Well, I’m still proud of the Black Stars! but for me worldcup is over, can’t be bothered who wins now. I can only wait and hope for next time round.

BRAVO Ghana Black Stars! Still flying our Flag High! Long Live GHANA………..



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