The Prodigal Sons Of Africa?

Just came across this and has set me thinking all day….about our African brothers and sisters suffering abroad..

African Immigrants Revolt in Italy (go here to read the full story)

“This event pulled the lid off something that we who work in the sector know well but no one talks about: That many Italian economic realities are based on the exploitation of low-cost foreign labor, living in subhuman conditions, without human rights,” Flavio Di Giacomo, spokesman for the International Organization for Migration in Italy, told the Times.

What is SO bad in Africa that some Africans will rather live in semi-slavery, unwanted, despised and rejected in another man’s country ❓ Only tolerated because of the profit you’ll make your boss???

Perhaps you can shed more light on this.(Leave a comment)

The reason why I love the prodigal son story is that, when things got bad HE DID NOT STAY IN THE RUT, he believed that he’d get better treatment in his own home and country and at least some proper food and dignity. And what did he do? He humbled himself and went home.

If you’re reading this and perhaps suffering abroad (may be not to this extent), perhaps it’s time to start thinking about home….



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